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Severe Maternal Morbidity (SMM): Coding for Coagulopathy

Severe maternal morbidity (SMM) includes unexpected outcomes of labor and delivery that result in significant short-or long-term consequences to a woman’s health. The CDC uses discharge data and ICD-10-CM codes to identify hospitalizations of patients with SMM. This module discusses how SMM impacts quality and value-based care and associated ICD-10-CM pregnancy related codes.

Objectives for this course include:
  • Verbalize an understanding of severe maternal morbidity (SMM)
  • Review the maternal coagulopathy codes and coding guidelines
  • Explain the difference between common coagulopathy diagnoses and the rare condition disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)
  • Summarize other maternal hemorrhage conditions
  • Apply knowledge with a short assessment at the end of the presentation

Please view the presentation and complete the evaluation below to receive your continuing education certificate.