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Healthcare Professional Responsibility and Reporting Enhancement Act

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Tues., Mar 5, 2024
11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

In 2005, the State of New Jersey enacted the Health Care Professional Responsibility and Reporting Enhancement Act stemming from the patient harm events surrounding a nurse (Charles Cullen) who worked in several states. The law has specific requirements for healthcare organizations to follow when performance issues arise and when hiring applicants who have worked in other New Jersey healthcare organizations.

Francine Widrich, Health Care Professional Clearinghouse Coordinator, NJ Division of Consumer Affairs and Stefanie Mozgai, Assistant Commissioner of Certificate of Need and Licensing, NJ Department of Health will review the requirements, including the history and emphasizing the importance of proper reporting of health care professional's impairment, incompetence or professional misconduct as it relates to patient safety. They will also be reviewing the CN-9 form requirements related to hiring applicants.


  • Describe and understand the provisions of the statute as they related to healthcare organization operations and compliance;
  • Identify the impairment, incompetence or professional misconduct issues that must be reported;
  • Explain the process of reporting to the Clearinghouse Coordinator;
  • Summarize how to implement the CN-9 form for hiring of applicants.

Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board Statement:

This continuing education program is sponsored/conducted by the Health Research and Educational Trust of New Jersey (HRETNJ) and is in compliance with N.J.A.C. 8:34-7.3 to provide licensed nursing home administrator (LNHA) and certified assisted living administrator (CALA) education credits accepted by the Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board.

This education activity may only be used for continuing education credit and not to meet academic college credits.

This education activity has been approved for a total of 1.0 LNHA/CALA continuing education credits.

This program is pending a total of 1.0 hours of ACHE Qualified Education credits toward advancement or recertification in the American College of Healthcare Executives.

The planning committee, presenters, facility, authors, and content reviewers have no conflicts of interests to disclose. Disclosure forms are required and reviewed for any issues. Speakers are required to present balanced and unbiased presentations. The presentation’s content has been reviewed and any bias has been eliminated.

Accreditation status does not imply endorsement by HRET, NJSNA, ANCC Commission on Accreditation of any commercial products displayed with this program.